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On this subpage you’ll find all blog posts from on one page. I have divided these into different category. Blog entries are now visible under Openings, Coming Soons and Closings. Furthermore I write posts about missing Hard Rock Magnets. Those magnets are still missing in our collection. Maybe you can help us finding the last one. I try to help my father to complete his collection. You can find more content on this page afterwards. Finally, there is a complete list of subpages for each Hard Rock location, where you can find news, magnets and pins that have been published so far.

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Wanted Magnets / My Wishlist

As an avid collector of Hard Rock memorabilia, I take great pride in my extensive collection of Bottle Opener Magnets. These magnets serve as tangible reminders of my visits and travel destinations. However, there are a few magnets that have eluded me thus far, leaving gaps in my cherished collection. Below you will find some blog posts about my wishliste. Maybe you can help me finding the last magnets in my collection.

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