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HRC Oslo - No. 191

Hard Rock Cafe Oslo – Visit No. 191

Hard Rock Cafe Oslo – we finally did it before closing in December 2021.

At the beginning of November, my Hard Rock buddy Malte Schelenz and I went to Oslo. At the end of September, we got the information that the Hard Rock Cafe there, will close on December 18, 2021 for good. Since we still lacked the “visit” both, we have considered when we could travel best still just to Oslo. We then decided on the flight option, although the flights are of course relatively expensive in the short term. But then we found a cheap flight from Düsseldorf. However, with a stopover in Munich. The Munich Airport Rock Shop visit ist still missing, so this fits quite well.

So off we went at 06:10 with the plane from Düsseldorf to Munich with just under 1.5 hours layover. After landing, we had to hurry a bit to get to the Rock Shop. The Rock Shop is in another terminal and we had to check out once completely and check in again later. But thankfully that fit in time quite well.
After the short visit in Munich we continued with Lufthansa to Oslo.
We landed around 11 am in Norway and were a bit surprised at our previous planning how far the airport is from the city center. However, there is a fast train that takes 19 minutes from the airport to the center. Like everything else in Norway, this train is not cheap (42 euros return), but also a real time saver.

Around noon we were then in the city center of Oslo and have directly in the Mathallen a lunch break. Here there are many Norwegian, but also international, delicacies. After the culinary refreshment, we went to the brand new Munch Museum. The museum opened just two weeks ago. The absolute highlight was of course the exhibition of the famous Scream painting. The scream can be admired here in three variants. Variant 1 is a hand drawing, the second variant a print and the 3rd variant the famous painting. However, each variant can only be seen alternately for one hour. If you want to see all three variants, you have to plan some time.

After the museum visit we went to our hotel. We stayed at the Smarthotel Oslo, a hotel in the center with small rooms. For one night, however, perfectly adequate. On the way to the hotel we passed the Hard Rock Cafe and took some photos in the light. After we checked into our hotel and deposited our backpacks, we also went directly to the Royal Palace to take some photos at sunset.

Afterwards we stopped at Andy’s Pub, a Liverpool pub located not far from the Hard Rock Cafe Oslo. There we warmed up and drank a delicious Norwegian beer, whose name I have unfortunately forgotten, and reviewed the day so far.

Hard Rock Cafe Oslo – Thank you for a special visit

For 18:30 we had reserved a table at the Hard Rock Cafe and met punctually in front of the entrance with another collector. His name is Patrick Ohnheiser, he comes from Switzerland and I know Patrick already for some years. We met in April 2017 in Reykjavik at the Group visit there. Patrick was also in Oslo for two days to take the visit with him.

It is always nice to meet up with old friends and collectors. We had a lot of fun that evening and exchanged many HRC news.

We ordered delicious burgers and ribs, which were served quickly, although the cafe was well attended. Well, what can you expect on a Saturday night?

As the grand finale, the management gave us each T-shirts with signatures of all the employees, including “The Scream” painted on it. Thank you, HRC Oslo, for the great gift. We were very happy and the shirt will certainly get a great place in a frame.

Unfortunately, this beautiful cafe closes its doors on December 18. I guess that the rents will be very high for this old building in the middle of downtown. Through Corona, the cafe has probably suffered some losses. The exact reasons for the closure I can not say, in any case it is a pity.
The sale of merchandise is going very well, so maybe there will be a Rock Shop in the city center. At the moment they are looking for a suitable location.

Furthermore, a Hard Rock Cafe is still planned in Tromsø. As soon as there are news about this, you will find them as usual on

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