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UNITY - Important Informatiion

UNITY by Hard Rock – Important information

Since some fans are currently having trouble transitioning from the old REWARDS system to the new UNITY program, I reached out to HQ today with the following questions:

“Was it a mistake to sign up for UNITY with the same email address that was used for REWARDS? Is it still possible to transfer the visits from Rewards to Unity afterwards?”

Quite quickly I received the following reply:

“Yes it is a mistake to sign up for UNITY if you already had a Hard Rock Rewards Account. We had sent each member an email advising that we have reserved a Unity Account for them . .. however, a lot didn’t follow the direction of the email and logged into Unity and created another account causing many account duplications. This will take us a while to de-dupe the data so there is only one account per member.”

And further it says:

“You won’t see any of the transferred data until mid-September.”
“Can you please spread the word with the Fans that they don’t need to sign up and to just follow the instructions on the Welcome Email that was sent to them?”

UNITY by Hard Rock: Official announcement

On the Hard Rock website it says:


Answer: Yes. On July 11th, 2022, Hard Rock Rewards accounts will be retired and no longer be accessible. If you are a current Rewards member, you will receive a Welcome email from Unity containing information about your new loyalty account number that has been reserved just for you.
To activate and begin using your new Unity membership and online account, you’ll need to follow the instructions in the Welcome email and visit the Unity website to accept the Unity loyalty program’s Terms & Conditions. Once you’ve accepted the new terms, we’ll migrate your existing Hard Rock Rewards history over to the Unity program so you can start earning points with your new account right away.

Many thanks to the Headquarter (Customer Care) for the detailed and quick response. We are looking forward to the new program and hope that everything works during the changeover.