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Future HR Locations 2022

Future Hard Rock Locations For 2022

Below is a list of future Hard Rock locations for the year 2022:

As we look ahead to the future, 2022 promises to be an exciting year for Hard Rock Cafe enthusiasts around the world. With a commitment to delivering exceptional dining experiences and celebrating the vibrant spirit of “Rock and Roll”, Hard Rock International has announced plans to open several new Hard Rock Cafes in different cities. Let’s take a glimpse into the anticipated openings and what they may bring to the global rock and culinary scene.

As 2022 approaches, the global expansion of Hard Rock Cafes promises to bring the iconic brand closer to music enthusiasts and food lovers around the world. Each new cafe will offer a unique experience that merges the love of “Rock and Roll” with local flavors and hospitality. With its renowned music memorabilia collection and commitment to exceptional dining, Hard Rock International is set to make 2022 a year to remember for fans of the brand. Stay tuned for the grand openings and get ready to rock out in these exciting new locations.

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All Future Hard Rock Locations For 2022

Hard Rock Cafes

  • Hard Rock Cafe Addis Abeba, Ethiopia (2022)
  • Hard Rock Cafe American Dream, NYC (2022)
  • Hard Rock Cafe Cairo, Egypt [relocation 2] (2022)
  • Hard Rock Cafe Chennai (relocation), India (2022)
  • Hard Rock Cafe Delhi, India (2022)
  • Hard Rock Cafe Dubrovnik, Croatia (2022)
  • Hard Rock Cafe Hurghada, Egypt [relocation 1] (2022)
  • Hard Rock Cafe Jiuzhaigou, China (2022)
  • Hard Rock Cafe La Paz, Bolivia (2022)
  • Hard Rock Cafe Milan, Italy (2022)
  • Hard Rock Cafe Porto Alegre, Brazil (2023)
  • Hard Rock Cafe Pune (relocation), India (2022)
  • Hard Rock Cafe Tromsø, Norway (2022)
  • Hard Rock Cafe Verona, Italy (2022)
  • Hard Rock Cafe Vientiane, Laos (2022)
  • Hard Rock Cafe Yerevan, Armenia (2022)

Hard Rock Hotels

  • Hard Rock Hotel Barcelona (2022)
  • Hard Rock Hotel Budapest (2022)
  • Hard Rock Hotel Fortaleza (2022)v
  • Hard Rock Hotel Ilha do Sol (2022)
  • Hard Rock Hotel Las Vegas (2022)
  • Hard Rock Hotel Malta (2022)
  • Hard Rock Hotel New York (2022)
  • Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Ottawa (2022)
  • Hard Rock Hotel São Paulo (2022)

Rock Shops

  • Rock Shop Maldives Airport
  • Rock Shop Oslo

Hard Rock Live locations

  • Hard Rock Live Florianópolis (2021)

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