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JP at Hard Rock Hotel Maldives

One Day In Hard Rock Paradise

Ahead of a Hard Rock tour through India and Nepal with my travel buddy Kay, we got a cancellation for our first flight from Frankfurt to Bangalore, India. Therefore we had been rebooked to the Maldives. Starting one day earlier we had the opportunity to stay one night at Hard Rock Hotel Maldives. Kay has been there after the opening in 2019, but for me this had been three new swipes (official visits):

  • Hard Rock Hotel Maldives
  • Rock Shop at Hard Rock Hotel Maldives
  • Hard Rock Cafe Maldives

One Day In Hard Rock Paradise on Maldives!

The Hard Rock Hotel Maldives is not far away from Malé International airport. You can get to the hotel by speedboat, which usually takes 20 minutes.
We arrived at “The Marina” of Crossroads Islands. From the pier an employee of the Hard Rock Hotel was waiting for us to pick us up with a golf caddy to get us to the Hard Rock Hotel. You need to know there are 3 islands. One is The Marina, which is the main island with small boutiques…etc. The second is a small island where another hotel called Saii Lagoon Maldives which belongs to the Hilton group is located and the third island is the Hard Rock Hotel property. The Hard Rock Hotel is connected by a long bridge that connects The Marina with the Hard Rock Hotel.

Every room on this island has its own bicycles, so you can get easily from one to the other end of the island. It‘s also possible to go to Crossroads Island with those bikes. So it‘s possible to go to the other restaurants by bike, which takes just a few minutes.
You can book several lunch or dinner packages, you’re allowed to dine in each restaurant on all the three islands. You may choose between the Hard Rock Cafe, a Sushi Restaurant, a steak house, a noodle bar etc. These restaurants are all located on the Marina main island. The Session‘s restaurant is the hotel restaurant, which is located below the reception on „Hard Rock island“.

A stay for the soul

What is so special and one thing I love with this hobby is meeting so many great people around the world. Hard Rock friends are kind of family. Since a longer time I was connected with Hassa via Instagram, who is working at the Bar at HRH Maldives. Hassa loves his job and is sharing a lot of beautiful pictures to the global community from his life in paradise. Now it was finally possible to meet him in real life. Thank you so much for taking care of us in that afternoon and I will promise you, we will meet again each other.

Hassa-Pinnawala (Staff from HRH Maldives
Hard Rock Hotel Maldives Jan-Philipp Scherwat


Every evening there is a ritual ceremony nearby the reception to see the sunst, having drinks and a small snack. This is the „Coronation Of The Day“ and will make your holiday unforgettable for sure. As I said before, it was one day in Hard Rock paradise.

Once it‘s dark, it‘s possible to see smaller sharks, crabs and stingrays below the connection bridge. The bridge is illuminated, which attracts sea life. It is a kind of absolute relaxation to watch the sea creatures cavorting below the bridge. Don‘t be afraid of the sharks. You barely see thme during the day and furthermore they aren‘t any kind of aggressive.

Unfortunately we couldn’t join the breakfast in the morning, because our flight to Colombo Sri Lanka was in the early morning. But at 6 o‘clock in the morning we got a small bite for breakfast.

Breakfast at HRH Maldives


After checking out the Speedboat took us safely back to the airport. The reception team and other staffs had held a small ceremony to say good bye at the jetty. A big THANK YOU to the managers and staff for one day in Hard Rock Paradise! You really rock and I am sure we will meet again!

Rock on and take care of you!

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