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On this page you’ll find all tags from our Blog. Those tags are divided into Collectibles and Hard Rock locations (Cafes, Hotels and Rock Shops). I created this page to help you find your way through this blog. I have divided the locations into Hard Rock Cafes, Hotels and Rock Shop.


Hard Rock Cafes

  • HRC Taichung
  • HRC Taipei

    Hard Rock Hotels

    Hard Rock Hotel & Casinos

    Rock Shops

    Fans / Collectors

    Hard Rock Merchandise

    Bottle Opener Magnets

    I am still looking for a few Hard Rock Magnets from the global V7 and V+ Bottle Opener Magnet series. Meanwhile I have a collection of more than 760 different Hard Rock locations. Just a few of them are missing. Here is my Wishlist of missing ones. Click here, maybe you can help me finding the last ones.


    Furthermore I collect Hard Rock Cafe and Hotel Pins from the following series.

    • Grand Opening (STAFF/TEAM) Pins
    • Icon Pins


    Why is this subpage here?

    In the vast digital landscape, where millions of blogs compete for attention, the importance of utilizing tags and keywords cannot be overstated. Tags are the backbone of search engine optimization (SEO) and play a crucial role in driving organic traffic to this blog. I will try to explore the significance of tags and how they can elevate your blog’s visibility and reach with this subpage.

    Tags act as signposts that guide search engines to understand the content and relevance of my thisIsHardRock blog. By strategically incorporating relevant tags or keywords in my blog posts, you increase the likelihood of search engines indexing and ranking the content higher in search results. This enhanced visibility exposes this blog to a wider audience, attracting more visitors who are actively seeking information related to my niche and give you a better experience.