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Hard Rock Cafe Nassau Bahamas Bottle Opener Magnet No. 1 - WANTED

Hard Rock Cafe Nassau Magnet WANTED

The first Hard Rock Cafe Nassau Magnet is also one of our missing magnets from the V+ Bottle Opener Magnet Series. Do you maybe have this magnet for TRADE or SALE?

Hard Rock Cafe Nassau Magnet With A Small Lighthouse In The Centre

The Nassau Bahamas magnet with the small lighthouse in the centre and probably a cruise ship on the left side, is still missing in our collection. The former Hard Rock Cafe Nassau released three different V+ Bottle Opener Magnets in their operation time.

Unfortunately the Cafe closed its doors in March 2020 for good, but maybe some crusaders have been there in the past and have this magnet for SALE. If yes, please let us know and send us an email to Besides the email option, you are also welcome to send us a whatsApp to the following number: +49 152 281 73 975.

Hard Rock Cafe Nassau Bahamas V+ Bottle Opener Magnet No. 1 with small lighthouse - WANTED


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The White Lighthouse

The small white lighthouse depicted on the Hard Rock Cafe Nassau Magnet holds a special significance in the beautiful coastal city of Nassau, Bahamas. Nestled along the vibrant shores of Paradise Island, this iconic landmark has captured the hearts of both locals and tourists alike.

Perched atop a rocky outcrop, the lighthouse stands tall and proud, overlooking the shimmering turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea. Its gleaming white facade contrasts against the vivid blue sky, creating a picturesque scene that embodies the essence of island life.

The magnet beautifully captures the charm and allure of this architectural gem. With intricate detailing, it showcases the lighthouse’s distinct features, from its cylindrical shape to the narrow balcony that wraps around it. The vibrant colors and fine craftsmanship make it a coveted souvenir for visitors to remember their time spent in Nassau. Who can help me finding this beauty? Do you know people who were at cruise and can maybe help me?