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We Need Your Help

Missing Pictures Of Different Hard Rock Cafes

We Need Your Help For Three Missing Pictures

Missing pictures of Ankara, Cape Town 1 and Taichung!

Hello Hard Rockers, we are looking for several outside pictures of different Hard Rock Cafes worldwide.

This is the list of CLOSED locations, where pictures are still needed:

  • Hard Rock Cafe Ankara, Turkey (27.05.1998 – 08.02.2002)
  • Hard Rock Cafe Cape Town 1*, South Africa (22.11.1996 – 06.2001)
  • Hard Rock Cafe Taichung, Taiwan (12.1995 – 12.1996)

Can you help us with the missing pictures of the Hard Rock properties? If you have any pictures of the listed locations, please send an email to We really appreciate your help and support to

* Since 2018 there is a new Hard Rock Cafe in Cape Town. We are looking for pictures of the old / 1st location of Hard Rock Cafe Cape Town, which was open from 1996 to 2001.

Hard Rock Cafe Taichung – deeply missed

Despite dedicating countless hours to thorough research and engaging in extensive communication with various sources, my search for a photograph from the inaugural year of Hard Rock Cafe Taichung has proven to be a daunting challenge. The elusive nature of this specific image has only intensified my yearning to obtain it, as it would provide a remarkable connection to the cafe’s beginnings.

If it is within your means, I kindly request your support in procuring a photograph from the momentous year of 1996, when Hard Rock Cafe Taichung first welcomed music enthusiasts and visitors alike. I understand the challenges and limitations inherent in such a quest, but I believe that with your help, I can finally fulfill my lifelong ambition.

Thank you for taking the time to consider my heartfelt request. I eagerly await your response, and I am more than willing to provide any additional information or answer any questions you may have. Please feel free to contact me at

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