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Hard Rock Cafes in India

Hard Rock Cafes in India

Hard Rock Cafe has made its mark in India with several locations across the country, offering a unique blend of music, food, and entertainment. Let’s explore the Hard Rock Cafes in India and their vibrant offerings.

One of the prominent Hard Rock Cafe locations in India was in Mumbai, the bustling entertainment capital of the country. Situated in the heart of the city, this iconic establishment welcomed visitors with its signature Rock ‘n’ Roll ambiance and lively atmosphere. Guests had the chance to indulge in a wide range of delicious American cuisine, from mouthwatering burgers to tantalizing ribs, while immersing themselves in the extensive collection of rock memorabilia that adorns the walls. Unfortunately this location (Mumbai Worli) closed for good. But another one opend in Navi Mumbai, no so far from the old and first location.

Another notable Hard Rock Cafe can be found in New Delhi, the vibrant capital city of India. Located in a bustling neighborhood, this cafe offers a lively and energetic environment where visitors can enjoy great food, live music performances, and a unique rock-inspired atmosphere. The menu features a delectable fusion of American favorites and local Indian flavors, catering to diverse palates.

These are just a few examples of the Hard Rock Cafes in India, each offering its own unique ambiance and experiences. The brand’s presence in the country reflects India’s vibrant music culture and the enthusiasm for international entertainment.

In addition to its music-centric offerings, Hard Rock Cafes in India often host live performances by local and international artists, making them a hub for the local music scene. Guests can enjoy a range of genres, from rock and pop to jazz and blues, while immersing themselves in the energetic atmosphere.

Are you looking for Hard Rock Cafes in India? Here is a full list of ALL Hard Rock locations, that are located in India. The list includes Hard Rock Cafes, Hard Rock Hotels, Rock Shops and Hard Rock Bars. We built three sections for open ones, closed ones and coming soon locations.

We are often asked how many Hard Rock Cafes there actually are in India. So, here is the answer.

Last Update: 23.12.2022

OPEN Hard Rock Cafes in India

  • Hard Rock Cafe Bengaluru (Bangalore)
  • Hard Rock Cafe Bengaluru Whitefield
  • Hard Rock Cafe Chandigarh
  • Hard Rock Cafe Goa
  • Hard Rock Cafe Guwahati
  • Hard Rock Cafe Hyderabad
  • Hard Rock Cafe Hyderabad Hitech City
  • Hard Rock Cafe Kolkata
  • Hard Rock Cafe Navi Mumbai
  • Hard Rock Cafe New Delhi (relocation)

CLOSED Indian Hard Rock Cafes

  • Hard Rock Bar Hyderabad Airport
  • Hard Rock Cafe Andheri
  • Hard Rock Cafe Chennai
  • Hard Rock Cafe Guragon / Gurugram
  • Hard Rock Cafe Mumbai Worli
  • Hard Rock Cafe New Delhi
  • Hard Rock Cafe Pune


  • Bangalore Airport Rock Shop
  • Hard Rock Cafe Chennai (relocation)
  • Hard Rock Cafe Pune (relocation)

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