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HRC Cairo Magnet - WANTED

Hard Rock Cafe Cairo Magnet WANTED

Hello Hard Rockers, I need your help, because I am looking for this Hard Rock Cafe Cairo Magnet. This magnet was sold in the former Hard Rock Cafe, which was open from 2001 to 2010. It’s the first magnet from this Hard Rock property, which was released. Hard Rock Cafe Cairo Bottle Opener Magnet No. 1 is part of the global V+ Bottle Opener Magnet Series, which is the most famous series of Hard Rock Magnets.

Maybe anyone has visited the Cafe and has it or does anyone possibly know a person, who visited this restaurant between 2001 and 2010?

Hard Rock Cafe Cairo Bottle Opener Magnet No. 1


In the vast collection of Hard Rock Cafe magnets from around the world, there is one notable absence—a missing piece that eludes even the most dedicated collectors. This elusive magnet is none other than the first-ever Hard Rock Cafe Cairo Magnet, a treasure that holds great significance for enthusiasts like myself.

The story begins with my love for the Hard Rock Cafe brand and my deep appreciation for their iconic magnets. As an avid collector, I have meticulously gathered magnets from various locations, each representing a unique experience and a memory etched in time. However, the absence of the Cairo magnet has left a void in my collection—a quest yet to be fulfilled.

Collecting, in itself, is a fascinating endeavor. It allows us to connect with different cultures, explore new destinations, and delve into the history and traditions of each place we visit. Every magnet holds a story—a piece of the Hard Rock Cafe’s heritage and a snapshot of the local music scene. Each magnet becomes a symbol of the memories we have made, the friends we have met, and the unforgettable experiences we have had along the way.

Missing Magnets

Besides the magnet from Cairo, we are missing some more. On this page you will find all the magnets, that we are currently looking for: Missing Ones. Furthermore I wrote another blog post about our missing magnets, which you can find here.

If you have some for SALE or TRADE, please contact us at the following e-mail address: Meanwhile we have a big collection of duplicate magnets and could also trade for magnets of the same value.
If you can help us or know someone, please let us know.

Thank you very much for your help.We really appreciate your help.

Greetings from Germany
Klaus and Jan-Philipp