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HRC Port El Kantaoui (Tunisia)

Hard Rock Cafe Port El Kantaoui – A Great Experience

I visited the Hard Rock Cafe Port El-Kantaoui in Tunisia, today (27.12.2021).
I have visited close to 200 different Hard Rock locations around the world in the past, but visiting the HRC in Port El-Kantaoui has been an excellent experience, which was very special to me.

It is a great building with many elements from the Arab culture. The cafe is really huge and offers a lot of options. There is a huge outdoor area with its own stage and terrace, as well a separate outdoor bar can be found outside. In the summer months, it hosts great parties almost every day with lots of guests. The cafe regularly hires bands, DJs and other artists to entertain guests and party together until late in the night.

The food is excellent, just the way you want it to be at a Hard Rock Cafe. The price-performance ratio is right and all the staff who have been there provide super service, are attentive, polite and courteous. You really feel welcome here. I was alone in the cafe for several hours and really had a great time as an HRC fan, they talked a lot to me and took really good care of me. THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR THAT! A special thanks to the retail manager Akrem Abid and the supervisor Walid Brahem. Hard Rock lives from people like you guys!


Feel free to check out the photos I took, I tried to collect as many impressions of this great location as possible!

About the security on site can be said that that you don’t have to have a bad feeling to anyone, the cafe has its own security service and in this area where the cafe is located it is very safe. For example, you can walk from the cafe to the hotel in the evening and move freely.

I will definitely recommend this cafe and would like to thank all the staff again for a great time on site, you guys really rock! Keep up the good work! We will definitely see each other again!

Update: 6th anniversary birthday party

I got an invitation by the Supervisor to join the 6th anniversary birthday at Hard Rock Cafe Port El Kantaoui on 29.12.2021. The official opening date of this location was on 28.12.2015.

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