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Construction Site Hard Rock Cafe Hurghada Relocation in Egypt

Construction Site Hard Rock Cafe Hurghada Relocation

During a holiday week in Hurghada, I had the chance to visit the construction site of the new Hard Rock Cafe Hurghada. It‘s a relocation, which you can find on Sahl Hashish Road nearby the Senzo Mall.
Officially it says HRC Hurghada is coming soon. I think the opening will need 6 to 7 more months.

The first Hard Rock property closed in 2021. So two years later it‘s time for another rocking Hard Rock Cafe in Hurghada.

Rock Shop Hurghada Senzo Mall

So far you can just grab one UNITY swipe in Hurghada. Go to the Rock Shop Hurghada, which is located in the Senzo Mall. The Senzo Mall is the biggest shopping mall in Hurghada and approximately 13 km away from the International Airport HRG. The loyalty program UNITY by Hard Rock is working for this location. After your purchase your visits and points will show up on your account within a few minutes normally. If not, send an email to Customer Care (

A small blog post regarding to the Rock Shop, which opened in October 2022, can be found here.

2023 – 3 Hard Rock Cafes and 1 Rock Shop

According to the upcoming Hard Rock Cafe and the Rock Shop in Hurghada, you’ll find two more Cafe properties in Egypt:

  • HRC Sharm El Sheik (open since: 1998)
  • HRC Nabq (open since: 2012)

So all in all there are 3 Hard Rock Cafes and one Rock Shop in 2023 so far.

HRC Cairo (relocation) closed its doors in 2020. The Cafe didn’t get any alcohol license and was far away from the city centre. Although there are some rumors that a new location in Cairo will open till 2024.

More pictures about the construction site and the Senzo Mall Rock Shop you‘ll find on my thisIsHardRock facebook page. You‘ll find the album with all pictures here

Hurghada Magnets & Pins

So far there is just one Hard Rock Cafe Hurghada V+ Bottle Opener Magnet so far. This one was sold at the first Hard Rock Cafe property and is available at the Rock Shop at the Senzo Mall. If they will get a new design for the relocation is not known yet. If they will get a new magnet, you‘ll find all information on my subpage

Looking for HRC Hurghada Grand Opening Pins

Have you ever been to the first Hard Rock Cafe Hurghada location? I am still looking for Grand Opening Pins and Grand Opening STAFF Pins. Do you have this pins for SALE or TRADE? Please let me know:

Furthermore I am still looking for another Egyptian Hard Rock Cafe Bottle Opener Magnet.
I am looking for the first Hard Rock Cafe Cairo V+ Bottle Opener Magnet. Can you help me? If yes, please send me an email as well. Thank you for you help and support to

Rock Shop Hurghada – OPEN (opening date 28.10.2022)
Hard Rock Cafe Hurghada – CLOSED (13.11.2004 – 16.06.2021)