Egypt and its Hard Rock Cafes

There are and there were many different Hard Rock locations in Egypt. At the moment (02/2022) there is an OPEN Hard Rock Cafe in Hurghada and NABQ.

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OPEN Hard Rock Cafes in Egypt

  • Hard Rock Cafe Sharm El Sheikh
  • Hard Rock Cafe Nabq

CLOSED Hard Rock Cafes

  • Hard Rock Cafe Hurghada
  • Hard Rock Cafe Cairo 2
  • Hard Rock Cafe Cairo

Hurghada and its Hard Rock locations

Hurghada is a very popular vacation destination among tourists in Egypt. The city is located on the Red Sea and is home to many great hotels on the beach and inland.

Since 2022 there is a new Rock Shop in town. The shop is located in the Senzo Mall, a big shopping mall in the city centre.

2023: Hard Rock Cafe is coming back soon

The relocation of Hard Rock Cafe Hurghada is planned and scheduled to be open in Q1 of 2023.

2022: Rock Shop in Senzo Mall

A new City Rock Shop, which is located in the Senzo Mall, is the newest Rock Shop property in the Egyptian city.

Opening date of the new Egyptian Rock Shop: 28th October 2022

Sightseeing in Egypt

Egypt is a land of awe-inspiring wonders and ancient marvels. From the iconic pyramids to the majestic Nile River, this country is a treasure trove of historical and cultural landmarks. Let’s explore some of the must-visit attractions in Egypt.

The Great Pyramids of Giza

Undoubtedly the most famous tourist attraction in Egypt, the Great Pyramids of Giza are a testament to the incredible engineering skills of the ancient Egyptians. The Great Pyramid of Khufu, the Pyramid of Khafre, and the Pyramid of Menkaure are the main highlights, surrounded by the enigmatic Sphinx.


Located on the east bank of the Nile River, Luxor is often referred to as an open-air museum. Here, you can visit the Karnak Temple Complex, which is one of the largest temple complexes in the world, as well as the famous Valley of the Kings, where many pharaohs were buried.

Abu Simbel

Situated in southern Egypt, near the Sudanese border, Abu Simbel is home to the impressive temples of Ramses II and his queen, Nefertari. These temples were carved into the mountainside and relocated to higher ground to save them from being submerged during the construction of the Aswan High Dam.


The bustling capital city of Egypt is a vibrant mix of modernity and ancient heritage. Here, you can explore the Egyptian Museum, which houses a vast collection of artifacts, including the priceless treasures of Tutankhamun. Don’t forget to wander through the historic streets of Islamic Cairo and visit the magnificent Citadel of Saladin.


Known for its relaxed atmosphere and beautiful scenery, Aswan is a popular destination for those seeking a more laid-back experience in Egypt. Take a boat ride on the Nile River to visit the beautiful Philae Temple, dedicated to the goddess Isis, and marvel at the High Dam, a modern engineering marvel


Located on the Mediterranean coast, Alexandria offers a unique blend of ancient history and coastal charm. Explore the Catacombs of Kom El Shoqafa, the impressive Qaitbay Citadel, and visit the famous Bibliotheca Alexandrina, a modern library that pays homage to the ancient Library of Alexandria.

The White Desert

For a taste of otherworldly landscapes, head to the White Desert in western Egypt. This surreal desert is known for its chalk-white rock formations, shaped by wind and sand over thousands of years. Camping under the starry sky in this breathtaking setting is an unforgettable experience.

Egypt’s rich cultural heritage and ancient wonders continue to captivate travelers from around the world. Whether you’re fascinated by the pyramids, intrigued by ancient history, or simply looking to immerse yourself in a different culture, Egypt offers an unforgettable journey through time.

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