Egypt and its Hard Rock Cafes

There are and there were many different Hard Rock locations in Egypt. At the moment (02/2022) there is an OPEN Hard Rock Cafe in Hurghada and NABQ.

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OPEN Hard Rock Cafes in Egypt

  • Hard Rock Cafe Sharm El Sheikh
  • Hard Rock Cafe Nabq

CLOSED Hard Rock Cafes

  • Hard Rock Cafe Hurghada
  • Hard Rock Cafe Cairo 2
  • Hard Rock Cafe Cairo

Hurghada and its Hard Rock locations

Hurghada is a very popular vacation destination among tourists in Egypt. The city is located on the Red Sea and is home to many great hotels on the beach and inland.

Since 2022 there is a new Rock Shop in town. The shop is located in the Senzo Mall, a big shopping mall in the city centre.

2023: Hard Rock Cafe is coming back soon

The relocation of Hard Rock Cafe Hurghada is planned and scheduled to be open in Q1 of 2023.

2022: Rock Shop in Senzo Mall

A new City Rock Shop, which is located in the Senzo Mall, is the newest Rock Shop property in the Egyptian city.

Opening date of the new Egyptian Rock Shop: 28th October 2022

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