Hard Rock Cafe Cairo in Egypt

There were two Hard Rock Cafes in Cairo in the past. The first Hard Rock Cafe Cairo was open from 2001 to 2010. The second cafe was closed on 18.08.2020. The relocation was opened on 01.03.2018. Reportedly, a search is underway for a new location for a new cafe. As soon as there is more information, you will find it as usual on this page. Feel free to check back here regularly.

By the way, I am still looking for the first magnet released by HRC Cairo. If you have this magnet and want to sell it, please send me an email to jp@thisIsHardRock.com. In addition, I am still looking for more Bottle Opener Magnets to complete my collection. On Missing Hard Rock Magnets you can find a complete overview with photos.

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