Norway And Its Hard Rock Locations

2022 Update – Open Hard Rock Cafes in Norway

  • Hard Rock Cafe Tromsø

Norway is a Nordic country in Northern Europe. The official capital and the largest city in Norway is Oslo. In Oslo is a Hard Rock Cafe, which will close its doors on 18. December 2021. In September we got the information, that the HRC Oslo will close its doors. It’s probably, because rents are so high in the city centre. In addition, many people will probably not visit the restaurant, because of the current Corona pandemic and regulations. One manager of the HRC in Oslo told us, that the sale of merchandise is ging well and the management is looking for a nice location to open a small Rock Shop. Furthermore they are looking for another restaurant location, which is not in the city centre or which is much cheaper. Stay tuned for more information. As you know, you’ll find them on

As some of you know, there are plans to open a new Hard Rock Cafe in Tromsø. Tromsø is located in Northern Norway. According to the management of the Oslo Cafe, the new location will open next year, in 2022. If there will be a new location, a new HRC or a Rock Shop in Oslo, it’s great and easy to combine and earn three new visits to your visits map.

If we have some News and Updates of the Norway locations, we will write a new post on our website. Stay tuned and rock on!

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