You are currently viewing Hard Rock Cafe New York Halloween Magnet Pin-O-Ween 2022
HRC New York Magnet - Pin-O-Ween 2022

Hard Rock Cafe New York Halloween Magnet Pin-O-Ween 2022

HRC New York released a new beautiful Hard Rock Cafe New York Halloween Magnet!

During the pin event Pin-O-Ween, which took place at the Hard Rock Cafe New York, a new magnet was released. This magnet was intended exclusively for visitors of the event.

The Pinevent in the Big Apple took place from 28.10. to 29.10.2022. Pin collectors from all over the world met to exchange pins and magnets, to participate in various auctions and of course to get together with friends. Many of the collectors have known each other for several years and close friendships have developed. The auctions were organized in cooperation with the Ronald McDonald House Charities and the Hard Rock Heals Foundation

Hard Rock Cafe New York Pinevent Pin-o-ween 2022 - Group Picture

The collectors who were there had a right of first refusal on the published V+ Bottle Opener Magnet. It is not known if magnets went on sale afterwards. However, this is quite unlikely as the magnet has an limited edition of only 200 pieces. Of course, there were also specially made pins during the event. But unfortunately I don’t have any pictures of these, because I mainly focus on the magnets.

Hard Rock Cafe New York Halloween Magnet

Hard Rock Cafe New York V+ Bottle Opener Magnet - Pin-O-Ween 2022 - Limited Edition of 200

All released magnets from Hard Rock Cafe New York can be found on Hard Rock Cafe New York Magnets, Pins and News.

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Pinevents in NYC

Welcome to the extraordinary gathering of pin collectors at the renowned Hard Rock Cafe in New York! This iconic venue has become a mecca for enthusiasts who share a deep appreciation for the art of pin collecting. Collectors come together to celebrate their passion, connect with like-minded individuals, and showcase prized collections.

The room buzzes with conversation as collectors swap stories, share their latest acquisitions, and admire each other’s displays. The diversity of backgrounds and experiences among attendees is remarkable, yet it’s the common thread of pin collecting that unites us all. Bonds are forged over discussions about pin designs, trading strategies, and the thrill of discovering hidden gems.

The Hard Rock Cafe staff, donning their signature attire, are not only gracious hosts but also avid pin enthusiasts themselves. They provide expert insights, offer tips on pin maintenance, and contribute to the vibrant atmosphere that permeates the venue. Their passion for pins is infectious, further fueling the camaraderie among collectors. The moment arrives when collectors proudly showcase their collections. Display cases and pin boards become stages for a visual symphony of colors, shapes, and themes. From classic rock bands to contemporary pop icons, from commemorative events to iconic venues, the pins tell stories that go beyond words. Each pin is a tiny work of art, meticulously crafted and cherished by its owner. Have you ever joined an official pinevent? In my eyes, it’s a must-do!