You are currently viewing Major Update: Google Map with “All Hard Rock Locations Worldwide” by Kay Kalkbrenner
All Hard Rock Locations Worldwide - Google Map by Kay Kalbrenner

Major Update: Google Map with “All Hard Rock Locations Worldwide” by Kay Kalkbrenner

After 9 1/2 years using the same Map and almost 172.000 usages later it’s time for a major Update/Upgrade!

The old Map as you have known and used it before has been deleted now!

There’s a NEW and much better Map Online as of now!

Google Map: All Hard Rock Locations Worldwide

You may certainly share this link with anyone you like or share the Map on your Website, just make sure you use the new link from now on.

Kay has changed the icons and their colors, changed the location name to the same as when we had Rewards (e.g. “Orlando – Past Location” instead of Orlando 1), deleted the (useless) directions from an Airport, added the Opening/Closing Dates and added a great picture of each and every location which you can enlarge when clicking on it – especially on a Computer!

The best outcome of the Map when checking out the pictures as well will be on a Computer. If you simply use the Map to check the locations it will certainly work on your mobile phone as well.

As before you will always see the Cafes, Rock Shops and Coming Soon locations first. If you want to see the others as well just simply activate that specific section of the Map, either on a Computer or when using Google Maps

As written in the description, the new colors are:
Orange for Cafes, Green for Rock Shops, Purple for Hotels & Casinos, Brown for Miscellaneous, Blue for Coming Soon and Red for closed Locations.

If you see any typos, wrong information, etc. just let us know!

This new Map is not just for all of us fans and our travel plans, Kay and we hope Hard Rock will use it as well when it comes to adding Locations to Unity or when adding visits to our accounts.

If you have any questions on how to use let us know. If you got a better picture of the location then on the Map send us a message.

We hope you like the new Map as we do – Enjoy and keep on rocking Hard Rock Locations WORLDWIDE 🤘