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My Collection


  • Hard Rock Cafe & Hotel
    Grand Opening (STAFF) Pins
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    My GO Pins



  • Icon City Series from 2015
    Core City Icon Series from 2017
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    My Icon Pins



  • Core Dragon & Flag Guitar
    Series from 2019
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    My Dragon Pins


Hard Rock Pins from Hard Rock Cafes & Hotels worldwide

Besides Hard Rock Magnets I am passionate about collecting Hard Rock Pins from Cafes and Hotels that I have personally visited.
Hard Rock International has released many beautiful series in the last years.
Because it's not possible to collects everything, I have specialized in these three series:

Grand Opening (STAFF) Pins
Icon Pins
Core Dragon & Flag Guitar Pins

About Me

I am a passionate collector of V + Bottle Opener Magnets & Pins from all
Hard Rock Cafe and Hotel Locations around the world.

Hard Rock Hotel Maldvies - Jan-Philipp Scherwat

Jan-Philipp Scherwat

Collector from Germany

I am still looking for Bottle Openers from Hard Rock Cafes and Hard Rock Hotels. If you have any to sell or trade, please feel free to contact me. Just send me an email to


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