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Here you can find my collection of Hard Rock Bottle Opener Magnets and Pins.

Yerevan Magnets

I collect Hard Rock V+ Bottle Opener Magnets, but not only from Yerevan or from Armenia. I try to fulfill these from all locations worldwide. Please note, I only collect Bottle Opener Magnets from the V7 and V+ Bottle Opener Magnets Series (City Tee Bottle Opener Magnets, V7 and V+ City Guitar Bottle Opener Magnets & Country Colors City Tee Magnets).

Yerevan Pins

Furthermore I collect Yerevan Pins from the following series, when this Hard Rock property released them:

Grand Opening (STAFF) Pins,
Icon City Pins from 2015,
Core City Icon Pins from 2017 and
Core Dragon and Flag Guitar Pins.

If you want to TRADE or SELL magnets or pins, please send me an e-mail to

Many thanks and happy collecting!

Hard Rock Cafe Yerevan Bottle Opener Magnets

Unfortunately HRC Yerevan didn't released any V+ Bottle Opener Magnets so far! I really hope they will order those magnets in future!


Click on our collection of Hard Rock Magnets where you will find all
Hard Rock Cafe and Hotel Locations that have released Bottle Opener Magnets over the years. Of course you'll find the Yerevan Magnets there as well.

Hard Rock Bottle Opener Magnets Collection

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Hard Rock Cafe Yerevan Pins

You'll find my Yerevan Pins below:

Yerevan, Armenia - Hard Rock Cafe Yerevan

Hard Rock Cafe Yerevan Grand Opening Pin from 2022 (LE 200)

Hard Rock Cafe Yerevan
Grand Opening Pin

Limited Edition of 200


Hard Rock Cafe Yerevan Grand Opening TEAM Pin from 2022 (LE 100)

Hard Rock Cafe Yerevan
Grand Opening TEAM Pin

Limited Edition of 100


News & Updates for Yerevan

If there are any News & Updates for the Yerevan location, you'll find them below.
Have fun and keep on rockin'!

Last Update: 20.06.2023


Hard Rock Cafe Yerevan in Armenia OPENED its doors for business!


Excitement is building in Armenia as the highly anticipated Hard Rock Cafe Yerevan prepares to open its doors soon. Nestled in the heart of the historic city of Yerevan, this iconic venue is set to become a haven for music lovers, food enthusiasts, and fans of the Hard Rock brand. The soon-to-be-opened Hard Rock Cafe Yerevan will bring a unique blend of Rock and Roll energy and Armenian culture to the vibrant capital city. With its prime location and distinctive atmosphere, the cafe promises to be a must-visit destination for locals and tourists alike.


HRC Yerevan is on facebook now. Click on Hard Rock Cafe Yerevan Facebook Page to see their page.

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