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Hard Rock Location Map by Kay Kalkbrenner

Hard Rock Location Map

You can find a Hard Rock Location Map with all locations on our Hard Rock Location Map.

Don’t miss a Hard Rock location anymore when planning your next trip!

On this Google Map you can see all Hard Rock Locations that have ever been open. All marked location are 100% exactly on the right spot.
Green “open Cafes”, yellow “open Rock Shops with a Rewards/Unity visit”, white “Coming Soon” are always the first you see when opening the Map.
You may expand that to see the Hotels, Live venues, Non Rewards/Unity visit locations or closed locations by selecting them.
Either on your Computer on the left or when using the Google Maps App you have to click on “Hard Rock Cafe Locations” underneath the Map.

Feel free to use the Map on your website!

You may also join the “Hard Rock Cafe News and Rumors” Facebook group, if you want to be up to date when it comes to new planned Cafes, Hotels or closing News.

Both the Facebook page and Google Map are nothing official by Hard Rock International, it’s just created by a fan for other fans and collectors around the world.

Thank you very much for Kay Kalkbrenner, a German Hard Rock collector, for updating the Map and Facebook group regularly.

Who is Kay Kalkbrenner?

Meet Kay Kalkbrenner, a devoted Hard Rock Cafe fan hailing from Germany. With his passion for music and rock culture, Kay has become an ardent supporter of the iconic brand, immersing himself in the electrifying world of Hard Rock.

Born and raised in Germany, Kay’s love for rock music ignited during his teenage years. Fascinated by the rebellious spirit and raw energy of the genre, he delved deep into the history of rock, exploring the legends that paved the way for generations to come.

Since early visits with his parents and grandfather, Kay has embarked on a mission to experience as many Hard Rock Cafes as possible. He has traveled to various cities around the world, eagerly seeking out these rock temples, each with its own unique atmosphere and collection of rock history.

The Hard Rock Cafe has become a symbol of unity, bringing together people from diverse backgrounds who share a common love for music. Kay cherishes the friendships he has formed with fellow fans and the stories they share, making every visit an opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals. As an ambassador of the Hard Rock Cafe spirit, Kay actively spreads the word about his experiences through social media, sharing photos, videos, and heartfelt anecdotes. His posts inspire others to embrace their own passions and immerse themselves in the electrifying world of Rock and Roll.

For Kay Kalkbrenner, the Hard Rock Cafe is not just a restaurant chain—it’s a sanctuary, a place where music and camaraderie intertwine. Through his unwavering dedication and contagious enthusiasm, he embodies the spirit of rock and roll, keeping the flame alive for generations to come.